September 4, 2020: Field trip to Miscanthus research field in Chomutov

On September 4, 2020 prof. Valentyna Pidlisniuk (UJEP) visited Crop Research Institute (CRI), branch in Chomutov. Miscanthus plantation was established there on May 5, 2020 at the marginal land belonged to CRI, the research is within the CORNET project, WP1. The soil was treated differently by adding of the soil amendments: biochar, sewage sludge and fertilizes. Each treatment was applied in four replications, the plantation has been maintained by joint efforts of CRI stuff and Mr. Ethan Duong,  HTW-Dresden, Leonardo-Buro Sachsen intern at UJEP.

The purpose of the visit was to discuss with Permanent Director in duties Dr. Jakub Manus, CRI the plan for finalizing the first year field #1 experiment with miscanthus planted with different soils amendments and to ensure the preparation of the workshop scheduled for November 5, 2020. 

Prof. Pidlisniuk discussed the on-going work on Guide-Book preparation to be disseminated for the participants of the workshop. Along with Dr. Munos and Ethan Doung she visited miscanthus fields (one established in 2020 within CORNET project and other, established in 2017-2018 within NATO G4687 project).  Both fields are in the good maintaining states. Prof. Pidlisnyuk along with student Ethan Duong reviewed the conditions of the pot experiment is going on at CRI within CORNET with: a) miscanthus growing at the  metals contaminated soil with rhizomes treated at planting by PGPB KP-14, KP-16 and KP-17; b) experiment with artificially contaminated by metals soils. 

The state of the art with Chapter 5 of the Guide related to processing the miscanthus biomass to fibers and paper was discussed with student Ethan Duong.