September 21, 2021: Dissemination the project’s results at the International Conference RemTech Europe

The Remtech Europe is the international conference organized annually in Ferrara, Italy within the broader international event RemTech Show, latest is focused on technology concerning land and water resources remediation and international market related.

The aim of the Conference is to share information on knowledge, innovation and case histories, to encourage the development of remediation processes and application of new and sustainable technologies. The annual event brings together experts, problem owners and suppliers and provides a platform for discussion between stakeholders, including science and academia. The agenda of the event is designed in a manner to sharing knowledge and intercommunication, it commonly involves leading European organization: FAO, Joint Research Centre, top European universities. 2021-year conference RemTech Europe was organized on-line.  

The 5th session “Bioremediation and phytoremediation in agricultural, industrial, and military sites” within the conference was held on September 21, 2021 and chaired by Dr. Natalia Rodriguez Eugenio (FAO), Dr.Christiane Wermeille (BAFU), and Dr.Deyi Hou (Tsinghua University).

The report “Zero waste approach in Miscanthus spp. phytotechnology applied to the slightly contaminated/marginal lands” was accepted as an oral presentation at the session (authors: Robert Ato Newton, Ajgerim Mamirova and Valentina Pidlisnyuk, UJEP) and delivered by PhD student Robert Ato Newton.   

Other reports at the session 5 were provided by Auwalu Hassan (University of Malaya), Elisabetta Franchi (CNI),  Jelena Avdalović (University of Belgrade), Neda Amanat (Sapienza University), Neil Bruce (SERDP-ESTCP, USA) and observed the approaches in different  biological  remediation technique, using of synthetic and natural surfactants for mobilization in environmental matrices,  engineering GM plants to contain explosive pollution on military ranges.  In the Panel discussion followed PhD student Robert Ato Newton and prof. Valentina Pidlisnyuk answered questions arise from auditorium.  Specifically, answering the questions about possibility to transfer the Lab experiment to the broader scale prof. Pidlisnyuk introduced the on-going field experiments with Miscanthus spp. in Chomutov, briefly overviewed the main goals of CORNET project related to soil revitalization and biomass processing to bioproducts.   Dr.Radek Horenovsky and Mgr.Vojtech Broz (WASTen) participated in the event as well.