September 20-22, 2022: Final Conference of CORNET

On September 21,2022 The Final CORNET Conference was held in Hustopeče, near Brno, the Czech Republic. It was scheduled as a separated event within Waste Forum at the Technological Scientific Conference TVIP 2022.

The Final Conference had a goal to present the summarizing results and outcomes of CORNET MiscanValue project to end-users, stakeholders, and general public.

The conference started with the welcomes from prof. Vladimir Koci, UCT.

The following reports were delivered by the project’s teams:  

  • Valentyna Pidlisniuk, Radek Horenovsky, Daniela Einer, Vojtech Brož
    WASTen, Czech Republic and TUD-HFT, Germany
    Overview of the main accomplishments and results of MiscanValue project
  • Valentyna Pidlisniuk, Aigerim Mamirova, Robert Ato Newton, Josef Trogl
    UJEP, Czech Republic
    Phytotechnology with Miscanthus embedded in post-mining lands
  • Mirko Lindner, Robert Ato Newton, Daniela Einer, Valentyna Pidlisniuk, Sören Tech
    TUD-AST, TUD-HFT, Germany and UJEP, Czech Republic
    Quick Test for cascading usage of Miscanthus biomass
  • Barbora  Grycova, Katerina Klemencova, Pavel Lestinsky
    VSB-TUO, Czech Republic
    Technological Regulation of biochar production from Miscanthus waste
  • Daniela Einer and Soren Tech
    TUD-HFT, Germany
    Processing of Miscanthus biomass into pulp, fiber and insulation materials
  • Martin Zahel and Manuella Fiedler
    PTS, Germany
    Processing of Miscanthus pulp into paper
  • Anna ElBarky Hubatová-Vacková, Aleš Paulu, Vladimír Kočí
    UCT, the Czech Republic
    Exploring the value chain of Miscanthus based products from LCA perspective
  • Aleš Paulu, Anna ElBarky Hubatová-Vacková, Vladimír Kočí
    UCT, the Czech Republic
    Miscanthus based products value chain: economic perspective

The General Discussion was summed up the event.

Altogether 24 participants attended the event.

The link to the event’s record and presentations will be followed shortly.