Outcome of the Remote workshop “Best available practice for miscanthus utilization to be used in the paper industry” (November 5, 2020)

15 participants submitted the evaluations of the event (4 from the Czech Republic, 3 from Germany and 9 from Ukraine), all positively estimated the event.

Different workshop’s presentations inspired participants in their future work, from those: five participants were inspired by presentation of Valentina Pidlisnyuk, four participants were inspired by presentation is Ethan Duong, three participants were inspired by presentation of Jan Weger, and one participants   was inspired by presentation of Josef Trogl.

Among questions which were not covered by the current workshop and can be interesting for future discussion the following topics were proposed:

  • financial value of M.xgiganteus production, harvesting etc.
  • economic value of each stage production/converting, impact to ecosystem
  • economic aspects of conversion Miscanthus biomass obtained at marginal/contaminated land to fiberboards and pulp
  • current state with M.xgiganteus production globally or at EU level
  • environmental impact of growing Miscanthus to the landscape (biodiversity, water cycle)
  • ecological value of Miscanthus biomass crops to the habitat value / biodiversity of agricultural landscapes
  • information regarding fiber and pulp preparation, possibility of pulp supply for paper mills which are not near the miscanthus fields
  • information about making animal bedding products

Overall wishes and recommendations:

  • “Very well organized and technically well-functioning video conference, thank you very much”
  •  “More time reserved for questions/answers sessions. More intensive dialog in between teams. Involvement of the young researchers”
  • “Thanks so much for sharing such important and relevant information and techniques. It was a great learning experience for me and chance to get known MiscanValue team”
  • “I would be happy to attend such conferences again. It would be interesting to watch alive videos about research Miscanthus phytotechnology with biomass production”
  • “Thank you very much for the organization and invitation… will definitely use knowledge in our research”
  • “Just hope that we will be able to meet in person next time”
  • “For me it was fine!!! THANKS»
  • “That was an excellent event. Hard to improve”