October 6-9, 2021: Dissemination project results at the Vysegrad 4+ workshop, Lutsk, Ukraine

The workshop entitled “Innovation and industry for security: Vishegrad Group experience” was held on October 6-9, 2021 in Lutsk, Ukraine. The event was a part of Vyshegrad project V4+ “Town and Gown” in which UJEP is a partner and was organized by Lutsk National University, Ukraine.

Prof. Pidlisnyuk participated in the event remote. She presented current results of CORNET project with the stress on cooperation within scientific communities from two countries (the Czech Republic and Germany) and different stakeholders. She also shared the experience in collaborations with end-users and foreseen the future project’s activities. Prof. Pidlisnyuk answered questions from auditorium ( Dr.Victoriya Furman, Volyn Business School and Dr.Iryna Glova, Head of the Scientific Unit,  Volyn National University). Specifically, the questions were about initiations the collaboration in between science, industry and local government and how it was presented at CORNET project. The another question was about splitting the responsibilities among main project’s teams and reporting activities. Prof. Pidlisnyuk participated in the discussion followed.

The links to the workshop are: