October 2, 2020: Meeting at CTU on value chain

On October 2, the joint meeting of CTU, UJEP and WASTen was organized and hosted by CTU in Prague. Participants of the event, i.e.: Assoc.prof. Vladimir Koci, Mgr.Anna Hubatová-Vacková, Mgr. Aleš Paulu (all CTU), Prof. Valentyna Pidlisniuk (UJEP), Mgr. Radek Horenovsky and Ing. Vojtěch Brož (both WASTen) were presented the overview of methods used for processing miscanthus biomass to pulp and paper. The literature review was prepared by Ethan Doung, HTW-Dresden, Leonardo-Buro Sachsen Fellow at UJEP. In the discussion followed the possible approaches for creation the miscanthus value chain and specifically, data necessary for LCA and LLC, were overviewed. It was agreed that the first stage in processing miscanthus biomass to bioproducts (fiberboard) will be discussed separately in the joint meeting of CTU, UJEP, WASTen and TUD-HFT. The TUD-HFT team is involved in WP-4 which implies the mechanical pulp conversion of miscanthus biomass to fiberboards and isolation materials. The next meeting (online) was scheduled for October 17, 2020.