October 15, 2020: Zoom meeting of Miscanthus Fiberboard

On October 15, 2020 Zoom meeting of CORNET teams (UJEP, TUD-HFT, WASten and CTU) was held at the Zoom platform hosted by TUD-HFT.

The meeting was led by M.Sc. Daniela Einer, TUD-HFT and virtually attended by prof. Valentyna Pidlisniuk (UJEP), Mgr.Anna  Hubatová-Vacková and Mgr. Aleš Paulu (both CTU), Ing. Vojtěch Brož (WASTen) and Ethan Doung (HTW-Dresden, Leonardo-Buro Sachsen Fellow at UJEP).

The meeting was devoted to processing of miscanthus biomass to fiberboards and issue of value chain at this particular stage. Ethan Doung did a presentation based on the literature review about processing of miscanthus biomass to building materials and pulp. M.Sc. Daniela Einer did a presentation about exact process will be applied at WP4 for processing miscanthus biomass produced in the field in Czech Republic to fiberboards to be tested at TUD-HFT. On the discussion followed Mgr. Anna Hubatová-Vacková and Mgr. Aleš Paulu delivered questions related to the data necessary for calculation of LCA and LLC at that particular stage of miscanthus biomass converting.