October 11, 2021: Dissemination the project’s results at the International Seminar, Kyiv, Ukraine

On October 11, 2021 prof. Valentina Pidisnyuk (UJEP) participated remote at the International Seminar “Agricultural activities and cultivation of the second generation crops in the conditions of anthropogenic contamination of the Environment”. The event was organized by the Faculty of the Plant Protection, Biotechnology and Ecology of the National University of Life Sciences and the Environment, Kyiv, Ukraine with participation of the Department of the Environmental Chemistry&Technology, UJEP. The scientific researchers and faculty members from Poland, the Czech Republic, USA and Ukraine participated in the event, which was provided in combined in person-on-line regime.    

The opening was introduced by the Head of Entomology Department Dr. Yaroslav Likar and Dean of the Faculty of Plant protection, Biotechnology and Ecology professor Yulia Kolomietz.

The plenary was delivered by professor Viktor Zabalyev, NULES, prof. Valentina Pidlisnyuk, UJEP, Dr.Yuroslav Likar, Dr.Tatyana Stefanovska (both NULES), prof. Andrzej Zelnovsky, Warmirsko-Mazursky University, Poland,  and Dr.Volodymir Zinchenko, Zhitomir University, Ukraine.

Specifically, prof. Pidlisnyuk overviewed accomplishments of the NATO SPS project “New phytotechnology with biomass production” (2016-2021) and shared the results of the on-going CORNET project, 2020-2022. She focused on possibility to convert biomass to bioproducts: insulation materials and utilization waste as biochar and overviewed the testing of produced Miscanthus biochar as a soil amendments for enhancing the energy crops production.  

In the discussion followed the Book “Phytotechnology with Biomass production. Sustainable Management of Contaminated Sites”, CRC Press, Taylor&Francis Group, 2021, was introduced to the participants of the seminar and on-line auditorium. Prof. Larry Erickson and prof. Ganga Hettiarachchi (both Kansas State University, USA), prof. Valentina Pidlisnyuk (UJEP), prof. Pavlo Shapoval (NULP, Ukraine), Dr.Josef Trogl (UJEP) and  Dr. Tatyana Stefanovska (NULES) introduced their input to the Book and shared future scientific plans.     

Link to the conference is: