November 3, 2021: Approval of Technological Regulations

On November 3 the Technological Regulations (TRs) about conversion of Miscanthus biomass waste was introduced by Dr. Barbora Grysova, VSP-TUO to the selected project’s teams. The TRs was developed by VSB-TUO team within WP3. The event was organized by TUD-HFT in Dresden. The participants attended the event are involved in Miscanthus biochar’s production, testing and utilization. Representatives from UJEP (prof. Valentyna Pidlisnyuk, Dr. Josef Trogl, PhD students Robert Ato Newton and Hana Burdova), TUD-AST (Ing. Mirko Lindner), TUD-HFT (Mgr.Daniela Einer and Ing.Tech Soren), VSB-TUO (Dr.Pavel Lestinsky and Dr. Katerina Klemencova) participated in TRs’  introduction and approval. WASTen’s members Dr.Radek Horenovsky and Mgr. Vojtěch Brož, PhD student Aigerim Mamirova and Erasmus student Begüm Uçar were connected with the event remote. The TRs was approved by participants of the event and will be presented at the end-users meeting in December, 2021.

The event followed by participants’ introduction on the current state of research planned at WP1, WP2, WP3, WP-4, WP6. The next joint meeting of CORNET teams with End-users’ Committee is scheduled for December 14(15), 2021.