May 30 – June 3, 2022: Dissemination results at IFAT, Germany

On May 30-June 3, 2022 one of the biggest International Fare in Waste&Water Management (IFAT 2022) was held at Munich exhibition Centre, Germany.

Dr.Radek Horenovsky and Mgr.Vojtech Broz,  WASTen along with prof. Valentina  Pidlisnyuk and Dr.Josef Trogl, UJEP attended the fare IFAT  having a goal to disseminate the results of the CORNET project (part of waste treatment and using of by-products) and to establish a new cooperation network  for the future international projects.  

Results of CORNET project were disseminated at the following informal meetings:

  1. With Mr.Emmanuel Katrakis, Secretary general, European Recycling Industries Confederation EuRic, and Mr.Peter Hodecek, Vice-President of EUROMETROC branch at EuRic.
  2. Dr. Andreas Jaron, Head of Division T II 1, General, Principle and International Matters of Circular Economy, Transboundary Movement of Waster, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection, Germany.
  3. Ing. Andre Schmidt, Managing Director, ATNA Industrial Solutions GmbH, Germany.
  4. Ing. Thomas Vandenbroucque and Gregoire Hamon, Seche Group, France.

Members of delegation had a scientific meeting with Dr.-Ing.Ralf Koralewska, Director of the Research and Development Technology, Martin, Germany. Dr.Koralewska introduced the  thermal treatment of waste using grate-based systems which has gained world-wide acceptance as the preferred method for sustainable treatment of waste. The options for converting ash after the combustion of the industrial waste was discussed.

The scheduled meeting was held with Dr.Zoltan Toronyi and Mr. Eszter Soos Barczy, Environmental Cluster of Hungary. The questions of the joint collaboration in the field of treatment the waste with utilization of co-products was discussed. 

Dr. Horenovsky, prof. Pidlisnyuk and Ing.Broz attended the Forum on Waste and participated in the following presentations: “The European Green Deal – a green revolution? Implications for the waste management and recycling industry”; “Hazardous substances in existing buildings-challenges for the circular economy”, “Waste incineration and climate protection (not) a contradictory?“.