May 26, 2021: Second MiscanValue End-users Committee & Consortium meeting

On May 26, 2021 the Second MiscanValue End-users Committee& Consortium meeting was organized by WASTen Remote. 22 participants were connected with the event who represented the End-users Committes members:  firms Almeco, E&H Service a.s., Bioenergiehof Böhme GmbH, and projects partners in the Czech Republic (WASTen, UJEP, VSB-TUO, UCT) and Germany (TUD-AST, TUD-HFT, PTS). 

Project partners presented the progress in implementation of the project’s goals done after the First End-user Committee& Consortium meeting in December, 2020.

Consequently, three presentations were delivered from the Czech teams. Prof. Valentina Pidlisnyuk, UJEP overviewed progress in utilization of Miscanthus in the marginal lands at the established plantation in Chomutov and presented design of the Lab experiments on impact of soil amendments, plant growth regulators and biochar to biomass. Dr. Barbora Grycová, VSB-TUO shared the results of the experiment on technological regime for production of biochar from Miscanthus rhizomes harvested at the regular agricultural soils, marginal land and contaminated land.  Dr. Vladimir Koci, UCT presented LCA and LCC modelling phase to calculate the Miscanthus value chain concerning production phase and converting to biochar. Mgr.Daniela Einer, TUD-HFT did presentation on behalf of three German teams and overviewed harvesting and transportation requests to Miscanthus biomass (part of TUD-AST), processing of biomass to pulp/fibers (part of TUD-HFT) and paper (part of PTS) with details about the equipment and methods proposed for analysis of pulp/fibres-packaging paper. 

In the discussion followed the next steps in the implementation of the project’s activities planned for the second part of the project’s life were discussed with the leadership of Mgr.Daniela Einer. The ways for strengthening cooperation in between bilateral teams were proposed along with inter-collaboration networking with end-users.  

13.40-13.50Registration on-line 
Radek Hořeňovský, Cluster WASTen, Czech Republic
Daniela Einer, TU Dresden, Germany
14.00-14.15Overall progress of the MiscanValue project
Valentina Pidlisnyuk (WASTen&UJEP)
Daniela Einer (TUD-HFT)
14.15-14.45Progress in implementation: December, 2020 – May, 2021
Czech teams: Valentina Pidlisnyuk & Josef Trogl (UJEP), Vladimír Kočí (UCT), Barbora Grycová (VSB-TUO) 
14.45-15.15Progress in implementation: December, 2020 – May, 2021
German teams: Marko Lindner (TUD-AST), Daniela Einer (TUD-HFT), Martin Zahel (PTS)
15.25-15.45 Feedback from end-users
intervention/questions from the members of End-users Committees
15.45-16.00General Discussion
Layout of knowledge between teams and end-users, strengthening cooperation   
16.00-16.40Project’s Teams Meeting
An exclusive discussion on urgent tasks and general teams’ coordination of the upcoming tasks