March 16, 2021: International Conference in Circular Economy

On March 16, 2021 prof. Pidlisnyuk (UJEP and WASTen) participated in the Remote International Conference “Bioeconomy and Circular Economy” organized by the Institute of Circular Economy and Global Change Research Institute of CAS with support of ERA project RCO, South Bohemia.   

The conference was organized with the goal to present the state of the art and trends in the sphere of the Bioeconomy and Circular Economy with focus at the Czech Republic and European Countries (Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland). 

The accomplished and on-going projects in the framework of the bioeconomy were introduced, i.e. EU BBI JU project Power4Bio, Czech Republic’s projects in Biodegradable waste, Biogas plant, Microalgae, Ecosystem service, Slovakia’s project in increasing added value of wood and paper processing. A Panel Discussion related to the main challenges in bioeconomy the Czech Republic is faced to was provided within the conference as well. 

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