March 11, 2022: Discussion the results of the joint research on Miscanthus biomass characteristics

Within the framework of cooperation between UJEP and University of Applied Science- Institute of Process technology, Process Automatization and Measuring Technology (UAS-IPM), Zittau, Germany Miscanthus biomass characteristics were researched by PhD student Robert Ato Newton, member of the project’s team, UJEP. The internship of PhD student Newton at UAS-IPM was financially supported by the Faculty of the Environment, UJEP.

The results of research accomplished in period November 17, 2021-March 15, 2022 was presented at the meeting organized by UAS-IPM in Zittau on March 11.

Director of the UAS-IPM, prof. Tobias Zschunke, Dr. Ralf Pohl, Head of the Department and prof. Pidlisnyuk, UJEP participated in the meeting.

PhD student Robert Newton overviewed the main measured characteristics of biomass, i.e.: data of proximate analysis: volatiles, fixed C, ash; Ulimate analysis: N, C, H, S, O; and calorific values: HHV, LHV.

In the discussion followed the plan for the future manuscript was discussed and approved.

Prof. Pidlisnyuk overviewed the main goals and received results of CORNET related the developing of the phytotechnology with Miscanthus is implementing at the post-mining site (Chomutov case study).

The next meeting is scheduled for May 17, 10.00 at UJEP where the first draft of the manuscript will be discussed by joint research team.