June 18, 2021: Visit to University of Applied Science, Hochschule Zotta/Gorlitz, Zittau, Germany

On June 18, 2021 Dr.Radek Horenovsky, Head of the Committee, Cluster WASTen and prof.Valentyna Pidlisnyuk, UJEP visited University of Applied Science, Hochschule Zotta/Gorlitz, Zittau, Germany in order to develop a cooperation in research and outreach  between Cluster, UJEP and the German institution and to introduce the first results of the project CORNET.

They met with prof.Dr.-Ing.Tobias Zschunke, Director of the Institute of Process Technology, Process Automation and Measuring Technology and Dr.-Ing. Andre Seeliger, IPM, Department Measuring Technology/process automation. Mrs.Tadeas Rusnok, Senior Advisor, Smart Plan participated in the meeting as well.

 Dr.-Ing. Andre Seeliger overviewed the main directions of the applied research are going on in the Institute which covered different aspects of alternative energy, including nuclear energy, safety of atomic station, gasification of biomass, technological aspects of the energy processes. Prof.Dr.-Ing.Tobias Zschunke    presented the laboratory and field studies in the framework of biomass processing, gasification of agricultural raw materials and introduced the facilities exploited for the applied research.

The options for the collaborative research framework, including research in biomass processing to energy and by-products were discussed. Also options for the joint education activities  were overviewed.