June 16, 2021: Meetings at TU Dresden

There were two meeting in person related the project’s activities, accomplished at TU Dresden, HFT on June 16, 2021.

The first meeting was about continuation the work on the „Quick test for cascading biomass usage “. Dr.Firus and Mirko Lindman (TUD AST), Daniela Einer TUD (HFT) and prof. Valentina Pidlisnyuk (UJEP) overviewed the current state with the Quick test, summarized the feed-back from the end-users meeting on May 26 where the first Draft was introduced  and discussed  the improvement. It was decided that at the current stage Quick test will be presented as a Guide and each of three groups (UJEP, TUD-AST and TUD-HFT) will prepare an own chapter to the Book. The overall draft will be discussed at the next meeting scheduled at TUD HFT on August 3, 12.00 pm. The necessary consultations will be done in each institution involved related the authors’ protection rights. 

The second meeting was about the overall management of the CORNET project, strengthening the dissemination part and overseeing the events planned for the third project’s term: July-December, 2021. Daniela Einer and Soeren Tech (TUD HFT), Dr.Firus (TUD AST), and prof. Pidlisnyuk participated in the event.   The dissemination initiatives within the project have been overviewed, i.e.: participation in the Saxony-Czech event on Sustainable Green Future (02-03.09), participation in the EU conference RemTech, Italy (24-26.09) and necessity to strengthening the dissemination activities, including in other countries.

The necessity of the project’s prolongation was discussed for half of the year (till December 31, 2022) and supported by participants. TUD will consult about the procedure with Mr.Rotter, CORNET, AiF; WASTen will do the necessary negotiations with the MPO, the Czech Republic. Submitting the request for prolongation will be done in September, 2021. Prolongation of the Consortium Agreement till December 31, 2022 will be done by TUD HFT.