January 25, 2022: Third MiscanValue End-users Committee & Consortium Meeting

On January 25, 2022 the Third End-users & Consortium meeting was organized by WASTen and TUD HFT. The event was provided remote and had a goal to present to the members of End-users Committees from the Czech Republic and Germany the progress in accomplishment of the project’s tasks by each of the project’s team with a hint of the future plans. The another important goal was to introduce the Technological Regulations on Miscanthus Waste Processing to Biochar which was prepared by VSB-TUO (WP3) as one of the main output of the project.

Altogether 30 participants attended the event remote, from those 5 members of End-users Committee from Germany and 3 members of End-users Committee from the Czech Republic. Additionally, potential end-user from Croatia (firm Miscanthus d.o.o.) and collaborators of CORNET project from NULP, Lviv, Ukraine and NULES, Kyiv, Ukraine attended the event. 

At the beginning Dr.Radek Horenovsky (WASTen) and Mgr.Daniela Einer (TUD HFT)  greeted the participants. Thereafter 7 presentations were delivered by the project consortium’s teams, i.e.: UJEP (prof. Valentina Pidlisnyuk), TUD AST (Dr. Mirko Lindner), VSB-TUO (Dr. Barbora Grycová ), TUD HFT (Mgr. Sören Tech), PTS (Mgr. Manuela Fiedler), CTU ( Mgrs. Anna Hubatová-Vacková and Aleš Paulu), WASTen (Mgr. Vojtěch Brož) followed by presentation of the Technological Regulations  by Dr. Barbora Grycová (VSB-TUO). 

At the second part of the event the presentation from the firm Miscanthus d.o.o.(Croatia) was delivered by Mgr. Vedran Saric followed by general discussion led by Mgr. Daniela Einer.  Finally, prof. Valentina Pidlisniuk did the summary of the event and overviewed the future goals to be accomplished in 2022.

The next End-Users&Consortium meeting will be scheduled in mid-2022.   

13.00-13.10Registration on-line
Radek Hořeňovský, Cluster WASTen, the Czech Republic
Daniela Einer, TU Dresden, Germany
13.10-13.50Information about the current status of the working packages including dissemination (5 min. per working package, max. 3 slides).
Presenters: representative of the teams’ research institutions from the Czech Republic and Germany
13.50-14.05Presentation of the Technological Regulations for Miscanthus Waste Conversion, VŠB-TUO, the Czech Republic
14.25-14.30 Conclusions