January 20, 2022: Discussion the project’s results at the University of Applied Science, IPM, Zittau, Germany

On January 20, 2022 prof. Pidlisnyuk visited University of Applied Science- Institute of Process Technology, Process Automatization and Measuring Technology (UAS-IPM). During the visit prof. Pidlisnyuk had a meeting with Director of the IPM, prof. Tobias Zschunke and Dr. Ralf Pohl, Head of the Department. PhD student Robert Ato Newton participated in the meeting as well.

The following questions were discussed:

  1. Ongoing joint research of Miscanthus biomass produced at the field in Chomutov, the Czech Republic (UJEP) and Saxony, Germany (TUD-AST). Currently the biomass is researched in terms of proxy analysis, surface, content of elements, melting point of ash. The research is provided by PhD student Newton, UJEP with tutoring of Dr.Pohl (UAS-IPM) within 4 month scholarship of Newton.
  2. Characteristics of new samples of biomass supplied from Ukraine and Croatia, overviewing of the sites where biomass was produced, i.e.: Tokarivka, Ukraine; NULES, Kyiv, Ukraine; St.Helena, Croatia. 
  3. The future directions of research connected with testing of ash after gasification of Miscanthus biomass as a soil amendments using a testing plant(s) which will work for enrichment of the Miscanthus value chain.