September 2-3, 2021: Conference on Green Technology and Innovation in Czechia, Saxony and Bavaria

On 2-3rd of September, 2021 a Conference on Green Technologies and Innovations in Czechia, Saxony and Bavaria “Pathways into a Sustainable Future” held in Prague, at the National Library of Technology. The conference had a look at the current innovations in the different areas of green technologies and sustainable solutions. The event assisted in networking and exchanging of the knowledge and innovation experience, positive case-studies   across researchers, business and policy makers from the Czech Republic and Germany.  

Official opening was delivered by Vladislav Smrz, Deputy Minister of the Environment of the Czech Republic, Bernd Sibler, Minister of Science an Art of the Free State of Bavaria, and Dr. David Michel, Head of the Liaison Office of Saxony in Prague.

The keynotes were delivered further by prof. Dick Rubbelke, Freinberg University, prof. Michael Bittner, German Aerospace Centre, Dr. Josef Fuksa, T.G. Masaryk Water Research Institute; Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marion Merklein, Institute of Manufacturing technology, Bavaria. 

This part of the conference followed by Pitching, in which Miroslav Havranek, Czech Information Agency; Lukas Rohleder, Energy Saxony; Asris Lang, Bayer Innovative GmbH, Irena Branyikova, Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals delivered the short introductions.

Prof. Valentyna Pidlisniuk delivered report “CORNET MiscanValue: Green Technology to production of Fibers and Paper with Soil revitalization” as pitching. She briefly overviewed the accomplishments of project’s partners and demonstrated the bioproducts received at the Lab scale, i.e.: fibers, isolation material, paperboard, biochar; introduced the project’s dissemination activities and future plans. Dr.Horenovsky, WASTen participated in the conference as well.

The second part of the conference included active discussion and interactions about the ways to achieve the Green Europe and three subjective workshops related opportunities of collaboration in education, EU funds on Sustainable and Green Technologies, and Cooperation between TUD and VSB-TUO.

The first day of the conference finalized by Evening reception with political participation at Czernin Palace, the Ministry of Foreign affairs. The link to the full conference’s layout is:; presentation of prof. Pidlisniuk is at the time: 2hour 15 min – 2hour 20 min.