August 5-6, 2021: Teams meeting at VSB-TUO

On August 5-6, 2021 Dr.Horenovsky, Mgr. Vojtěch Brož and prof. Valentina Pidlisnyuk did a visit to Ostrava in order to meet with the members of the research team at VSB-TUO Dr. Barbora Grycová,  Dr.Katerina Klemencova and Dr. Pavel Lestinsky.

During the two days visit the results of the research on production biochar at VSB from the different Miscanthus waste and its further utilization at the Phytotechnology experiment at UJEP were overviewed. Dr.Horenovsky, Mgr. Brož and prof. Pidlisnyuk  visited the Laboratory of thermochemical processes where the Miscanthus biochar was produced at the Lab scale. Dr.Grycova and Dr. Klemencova demonstrated the technological process in operation. 

The progress in the project implementation concerning WP1 and WP3 was presented by participants of the meeting. The plan for the future research on production biochar from contaminated Miscanthus biomass (landfield) was discussed and proved.    The participation of the teams in the coming dissemination events, i.e. Conference in Green Technologies (Prague, September 2-3, 2021), RemTech Conference (Italy, September 20-24) and Pollutech (France, November 2021) was overviewed.  

A tour via Laboratories of the Institute of Environmental Technology was carried out by Dr.Grycová and Dr.Klemencova. Participants familiarized with the Lab of anaerobic digestion of waste, Laboratory of waste incineration, Electronic microscopy facilities, Laboratory of heterogeneous photocatalysis, Laboratory of waste water treatment, Laboratory of air protection and Laboratory of waste analysis. During the observation the possible directions of the future interests and broader research were foreseen.