August 26, 2022: Introduction of project’s results to ATNA GmbH, Germany

On August 26, 2022 prof. Pidlisniuk presented the project’s results to the firm ATNA Industrial Solution, GmbH, Leipzig, Germany.  The firm is involved in the processing of the renewable raw materials, including residues of different biomass. The firm produces in-place small plants for converting crops’ waste and wood residues to pellets which gives attractive option for agriculture to use their residual materials sensibly. The plants allow the production of climate-friendly organic briquettes he form of a briquette opens new transport possibilities and thus new sales markets.  A refinement to biocoke or activated carbon is also conceivable. The activities of firm simultaneously assisted in climate change mitigation and implementation of bioenergy strategy.

Prof. Pidlisniuk had a meeting with Managing Director of ATNA Industrial Solution GmbH Mr.Andre Schmidt and the following questions were under discussions:

  1. Results of CORNET project MiscanValue related receiving of biochar from Miscanthus waste and evaluation of Miscanthus biochar as soil amendments in crops’ production.
  2. Introduction the Review on Biochar from Miscanthus which was published in Environmental Technology,2021 as outcomes of the project.
  3. By-products of the Miscanthus biomass pyrolysis processes and option for their valorisation.
  4. Option to test biochar from Miscanthus and ash after gasification in the wastewater treatment.

Prof. Pidlisnyuk was proposed the excursion to the facilities of firm ATNA- Industrial Solution, GmbH.