Project’s activities in Ukraine

On August 11-21, 2021 prof. Pidlisnyuk visited Ukraine having goal to meet with Ukrainian colleagues, collaborating voluntarily with CORNET project from the National University of Life Sciences and the Environment (NULES, Kyiv), Volodymir Hnatyuk National Pedagogical University (VHNPU, Ternopil), Regional Ecological station (Ternopil) in order to discuss on-going experiments and overseen the further cooperation. She also planned to observed miscanthus fields established in Kyiv and Ternopil regions which can supply biomass for the research of biomass transformation to bioproducts within CORNET at the field scale.

The supplemented goal was to meet with potential end-users in Ukraine, to introduce the project to the broader auditorium and to plan activities related to publicity of CORNET project, including organization of the Zoom event.

While in Kyiv prof. Pidlisniuk met with Dr. Tatyana Stefanovska, NULES and discussed the results on impact of PGRs to the biomass production in the two years Lab research (Kyiv), on-going experiment with PGRs Kumatur and Charkor. She visited Miscanthus plantation established at NULES at the contaminated by Pb soils and collected Miscanthus leaves for the research at VSP-TUO.  

While in Ternopil prof. Pidlisniuk met with Dr.Andryj Hertz, Dr. Oleksandr Kononchuk and Dr. Volodymir Khomenchuk, VHNPU and discussed the data of the Lab experiment for testing Miscanthus biochar received from contaminated rhizomes  using spinach. The design for the new experiment with Miscanthus biochar received from Croatian contaminated rhizomes was discussed, experiment is planned for October, 2021. Prof. Pidlisniuk visited the field station of VHNPU where the third year experiment with Miscanthus plantation is going on. The plantation showed a good growth with 2020 harvest of 19 tons/ha. The samples of leaves were collected for the research at VSB-TUO.  She also observed the initial plantation of Paulownia.  The agreement was established with the Faculty of Biology-  owner of plantation, related the supplying of biomass while necessary in 2022.     

Prof. Pidlisniuk visited the Regional ecological center, Ternopil which is actively involved in introduction and promotion of the energy crops across the region. Along with workers of the Centre Mrs. Iryna Mukhailuca and Mrs.Galyna Fedyn she visited the field station where Miscanthus research plantation was established in 2019.         

Prof. Pidlisnyuk had meeting and minutes with local end-users from Ternopil region, i.e.  Terebovlya, Tudoriv, Chortkiv, in which she introduced to the local farmers and produces Miscanthus  phytotechnology  and perspective of converting Miscanthus biomass to bioproducts (energy, pulp, fiber, paper).  The option of organization a Zoom event for dissemination CORNET’s results was supported   by Ukrainian collaborators and end-users.

Prof. Pidlisnyuk visited the miscanthus plantation in Tokarivka, Kyiv region, established in 2018 at the marginal agricultural land, where rhizomes of the plants were treated by PGR Stimpo and Charkor. Treatment by PGRs had a positive impact to the biometric parameters of the plant in the first years of growing, currently there is no visual differences between treated and untreated sites. The agreement was established with the local farmer – owner of plantation, related the supplying of biomass to the project’s need in 2022.

Taking the opportunity prof. Pidlisniuk introduced the published book “Miscanthus Phytotechnology with Biomass Production”, Taylor&Francis to colleagues at NULES and VHNPU.