April 9, 2022: Involvement of NULES, Kyiv, Ukraine in research on soil nematodes communities

Faculty member of National University of Life and the Environmental Sciences, Kyiv, Ukraine (NULES) led by Dr. Stefanovska has been constantly involved in CORNET activities, part of UJEP research on soil health as response to Miscanthus production at the contaminated land.  In year 2021 the team at NULES in cooperation with Crop Research Institute and UJEP, the Czech Republic  and Research Institute of Horticulture, Skierniewice, Poland explored the changing of the nematodes communities in soil amended by different substances in Chomutov field where the Miscanthus plantation was established in 2021.  In comparison the changing of nematodes soil communities    has been long term monitored by NULES team at the Miscanthus field contaminated by Pb and other   trace elements established in 2018 within NATO SPS MYP G4687 in Kyiv’s suburb, Ukraine.

Despite of continuous war in Ukraine, on April 9, 2022 Dr. Stefanovska and PhD student Artem Medkow did the collection of soil samples at the NULES plantation for further evaluation of soil nematodes communities.