April 8, 2021: Meeting on the research progress, WP1 and WP3

On April 8, 2021 a Joint Remote working meeting of UJEP and VSB-TUO was organized in order to discuss the progress in implementation of WP1 and WP3. Participants of the event were: Valentina Pidlisnyuk, Aigerim Mamirova, Robert Newton (UJEP), Barbora Grycová and Katerina Klemencova (VSB-TUO).

Valentina Pidlisnyuk informed about the design of Lab research to be established at UJEP with Miscanthus biochars produced earlier at VSB-TUO from rhizomes growth at the marginal and contaminated lands. She also introduced data on these biochars’ chemical content measured by colleagues from National University Lvivska Polytechnika, Ukraine. Valentina Pidlisnyuk formulated requests to produce in April-May 2021 additional biochar from the contaminated rhizomes cultivated at the landfield instead of earlier planned production of biochar from pulping waste and to provide to UJEP the technological regime data to be used for starting formulation of biochar value chain.

Participants discussed the planned Training 1 on Technological Regulations of Miscanthus which is scheduled for May 27 at VSB-TUO. Next Remote meeting is planned for May 4, 2021, when VSB-TUO will present the draft agenda of the Training and UJEP will inform about progress in creation the Quick Test on Miscanthus Biomass.