April 11-12, 2022: Establishing of Lab experiment on testing Miscanthus biochar

On April 11-12, 2022 the preparation of 2022 Lab experiment was started in Chomutov, Czech Republic at the facilities of Crop Research Institute. The experiment has a goal to test biochar produced at VSB TOU from the Miscanthus waste biomass grew at landfill in Croatia.  Altogether 32 kg of this biochar was produced by pyrolysis at the facilities of VSB TOU and will be tested in the Lab experiment; in parallel industrial biochar produced by firm Almeko from the sludge of wastewater treatment plant in Brno will be used. The experiment design was focused on testing the growing of plant in the diesel contaminated soil supported by biochar’s incorporation and implies measuring of the Mx.giganteus growing parameters monthly along with harvested parameters at the end of vegetation. For spiking diesel produced Orlen Unipetrol, density of diesel was 813,4 kg/m3 was utilized.  Altogether 720 kg of soil was spiked with three different concentrations: 5 g/kg, 10 g/kg and 20 g/kg. 72 pots with volume 15l were prepared for the experiment.

Each sort of biochars was weighted in portion of 1050 g (9 times) and 2100 kg (9 times) which will be added to spiked soil in four weeks when the soil will be in necessary experimental conditions.

Dr. Kuman Al Souki, PhD student Robert Ato Newton, prof. Valentina Pidlisniuk participated in the experiment preparation along with workers of Crop Research Institute and Ukrainian students enrolled into the Summer Internship at the Faculty of Environment: Oleksandr Snihur, Katerina Shadura, Mariya Bondaruk, Galyna Fedoriv, Sofia Ivanova.